International ACAC Social Media Posting Guidelines

The Communications Committee is pleased that the Facebook Group and other social media channels have become a valuable resource for its members. The FB Group is designed as a forum to voice questions, concerns, and announcements of interest to all page members. As our membership and access grows, we would like to remind you of a few FB Group guidelines. 

If you participate in or view discussions on social media that violate our policies, feel free to submit a complaint here to our SOCIAL MEDIA COMPLAINT FORM. The Communication Committee will regularly review complaints and will contact the user to discuss resolving the issue. If a member is reported more than once, he or she might be removed from the forum for violation of these policies. 


Be Mindful

Things to consider before posting or commenting

■      Is my post/comment helpful for all?

■      Is my post/comment relevant to the college application process for counselors and college representatives?

■      Is my post non self-promotional in nature? As a reminder, the selling or promotion of goods or products by for-profit organizations is prohibited on the page.

Be Respectful

○     Make room for others. Every member has a right to be heard.

○     Interacting on social media can be time consuming for posters and readers.  Please keep posts concise and to the point. 

○     If comments and discussion are more relevant to specific members than the general page membership, please consider private messaging or emailing.


Be Positive and Truthful

○      When posting or commenting, please limit information that might spread rumors or cannot be supported by facts.

○      Ask yourself “will this post help our students?”



○      Consider using hashtags in your posts, so that others can reference the topic and discussion at a later date.

○      Instead of adding the comment “following” to those posts you are interested in, we suggest members use the “turn on notifications for this post” feature.


Be reminded that all members are expected to be aware and adhere to the International ACAC Membership Standards

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected]