International ACAC Regional Institutes operate on a twice-yearly, rotating three-year schedule. Each institute is held at a high school or university in the region and is planned and organized by a member in the volunteer role of Project Manager, working closely with International ACAC's Special Programs Coordinator. 

If you have current working knowledge of one or more of the regions where a future regional Institute is to be held, we encourage you to apply to be a Project Manager. Even if the institute in your region of interest is taking place in the more-distant future, we want to hear from you. Planning for each institute starts at least twelve months out, so you can never be too early. 

 2024 Regional Institutes Announcements Coming Soon!

 Applications are OPEN to host future Regional Institutes.

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Upcoming Regional Institute Schedule*

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Middle East & North Africa


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East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Oceania


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Sub-Saharan Africa


East Asia, Southeast Asia, & the Pacific

Middle East & North Africa


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Mission Statement

The mission of International ACAC Regional Institutes is to provide students everywhere with access to post-secondary education around the world via development and networking opportunities for professionals who support prospective applicants. They do this in the following ways: 

  • Bringing the unique “International ACAC experience and support” to those who cannot attend our summer conference.
  • Providing professional development for International ACAC members, and other professionals who support secondary students, around the world.                 
  • Giving regional university representatives onsite professional exposure to the geographical areas they serve.
  • Fostering and initiating customized and ongoing support for professionals in under-served areas where access to high quality support and professional development is limited.  


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