Helping Students Finance Their Studies Globally

October 7, 2020

This webinar will focus on addressing the differences between merit-based scholarships and financial aid, in the landscape of higher education. In a workshop setting, the panelists will look to case studies that highlight how a student’s academic background (diploma) and their passport status would impact the application process for different types of aid. The webinar will also look at access to scholarships and financial aid in terms of holistic vs. criteria-based admissions.

Webinar Recording

Financial Aid in the US and Financing Your Non-US Education

October 9, 2019

This special dual webinar presentation will have two distinct perspectives.  During the 7AM EST session, esteemed professionals located in regions such as the UK, Europe and Asia will share fundamental information about price tags and expenses when studying at Non-US universities, from government subsidized housing in the Netherlands to degrees that can be earned in three (or even two) years in the UK.  Come back at 7PM EST and do a deeper dive into North America with experienced colleagues, including a finance specialist, on Financial Aid opportunities for international families. Learn more about the terminology surrounding FinAid, how to seek out ‘tuition fit’, and get tips on how to calculate financial assistance.   

 Webinar Recording, Session I


Webinar Slides, Session I 

 Webinar Recording, Session II

Webinar Slides, Session II 


The Intricacies of Financial Aid at US Institutions - Common Questions, Important Considerations & Good Advice

November 14, 2018

The cost of attending US universities and colleges rises every year. For many, financing from family resources alone is not an option. It is important for counselors, families and advisors to know what financial support is available to international students, how to apply, how it is calculated and where to go for more information. Join a group of advisors who work with US and international students to find out more about US financial aid.


November 14 - WEBINAR SLIDES