International ACAC Opportunity Grants

The International Association for College Admission Counseling is proud to offer Opportunity Grants. The goal of this program is to support our members at schools or universities in the excellent work being done around the world to assist students and families in the search for higher education. Projects, programs and professional development funded by an Opportunity Grant should serve as a role model to the profession.

***2021 application forms are now closed.***

Eligibility Application Requirements 
& Selection Process 


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Eligibility for Opportunity Grants: International ACAC membership is required to apply for an Opportunity Grant, as these are a member benefit. Please note that Opportunity Grants are separate from Conference Bursaries, and thus should not be used to cover the cost of attendance to the International ACAC summer conference or Regional Institutes. Instead, the hope is that these Opportunity Grants will be used to support the innovative programming and thinking of our members.
  • The following membership categories are welcome to apply: high school, university, individual or CBO members.
  • Applicants must be members in good standing of International ACAC for at least one year.
  • Proposed Opportunity Grant applications must align with International ACAC’s Mission hence excluding direct funding of student expenses (eg: tuition, travel, fees, supplies).
  • Although multiple applications may be submitted, members are limited to only one grant award per calendar year. Additionally, the grant may be awarded to only one member per institution/organization per calendar year.
  • Applicants who wish to design a new program or initiative are encouraged to apply; applications containing personal professional development and/or revenue-generating requests will be disregarded.
Eligibility for an International ACAC Membership Dues Waiver: International ACAC membership is not required to apply for a membership dues waiver; the purpose of these dues waivers is to engage our less-resourced colleagues around the globe. Up to 50 dues waivers per year are available for distribution to qualified applicants.
  • All applicants must meet International ACAC membership criteria to be awarded a dues waiver.
  • Applicants must provide a signed supervisor agreement.
  • The membership dues waiver is a one-year/one-time award.
  • Applicants may be asked to provide a letter of reference from a current International ACAC member.

Application Requirements for 2021 & Selection Process Requirements
  • Applications must be submitted using the online application system.
  • Applications must be submitted by:
    • Round I Grants: December 1 (Notification in mid-December)
  • Although multiple applications may be submitted, members are limited to only one grant award per calendar year. Additionally, the grant may be awarded to only one member per institution/organization per calendar year.
  • Current members of the Executive Board may not apply for Opportunity Grants.

Application Content

  • Information on the applicant's event or program.
  • A detailed plan outlining how the grant will be used to support the event or program.
  • A detailed description outlining how the funding request will be used to support the event or program - this includes budget information, anticipated expenses, etc.
    • Applicants are encouraged to seek additional funding from their home institution, and/or other sources and include that information on their application. Applicants must notify International ACAC if additional funds are secured after the application has been submitted.


The goal of the Opportunity Grants selection committee is to distribute the available funds to provide opportunities for as many people and projects as possible. Applicants may access up to $3,000 USD in funding. Members are encouraged to seek additional external funding support, if possible.

Examples of Opportunity Grant Proposals

  • Expenses associated with the development and implementation of special projects such as design, printing, postage, venue rental, audio-visual equipment, transportation, event food, etc.
  • Workshops for counselors in your region to support professional development.
  • Buses to bring students from an under-resourced or under-served school to your college fairs or programming.
  • Programming that aligns with and promotes International ACAC’s Mission and Guiding Principles, and promotes global interaction among counselors and institutions in support of secondary students transitioning to higher education.


The selection committee consists of a member from the Advocacy & Outreach, Diversity, Finance, IAS, and Professional Development Committees, as well as a member from the Leadership Team. The potential positive impact and number of individuals served by the grant will be taken into account, with priority given to applicants who meet the following criteria:

  • The application is complete, detailed, and thoughtful.
  • The application provides a detailed plan for the use of the funds.
  • The applicant has sought additional funding or matching funds from other sources. (Not required, but encouraged).
  • The request provides assistance to under-served constituencies.
  • The application includes details about sustainability of the project or program in future years (if applicable).


Following selection as an Opportunity Grant recipient (grantee), the grantee must agree to:

  • Use the grant within the 18-month window in which it was received.
  • Submit a detailed description of the use of the awarded funds and the outcomes achieved within one month following the event or program.
  • Submit a detailed expense report and receipts of all expenses incurred using the International ACAC Expense Report Form within one month following the event or program. Reimbursement will not be issued until these items have been received by the Opportunity Grants Committee.
  • Submit photos and a written report summarizing the overall experience within one month following the event or program. This information will then be shared with the International ACAC membership on the website, through member communications, and/or through International ACAC’s social media account. Reimbursement will not be issued until these items have been received by the Opportunity Grants Committee.
  • Have a plan in place for any electronic equipment received as a part of the grant following the event or program.

2020 Opportunity Grant Recipients

The selection committee believes that the motivation, reach and spirit of these four programs serve as role models within our profession. Thank you to all who applied.

Congratulations to our 2020 Round I Opportunity Grant recipients!
Susana Aguilar de Urruela - APDE Schools in Guatemala
Funding to support lunches for university representatives attending a college fair.
Shannon Bracken - Ontario Tech University in Canada
Hosting a joint Canadian higher education event for counselors in Doha.
Neeraj Mandhana - The Next Genius Foundation in India
Funding virtual webinar series for college counselors in India
The selection committee also awarded 17 membership fee waivers for the 2020 year.
*Read about the 2019 Opportunity Grant Recipients here. 
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