Interested in contributing to International ACAC, but not sure where to start?
Much of the work of International ACAC is carried out by members of the Executive Board.
There are, however, nine Standing Committees that also do work for the association,
and volunteering to serve on one of them is a great place to start!

  • Committee terms begin on July 1 and end on July 31 of the third year.
  • Applications for committee service open annually in December for the following year.
  • Committee members are selected by the appropriate Vice President and approved by the Executive Board.

2022 Committee Applications are now closed.
Thank you to all who applied!

Watch the November 30 Member Engagement Webinar here.

      Standing Committees


      Conference Support Committees

Admissions Practices

The Admissions Practices (AP) Committee is responsible for proactively educating International ACAC members and the larger community about NACAC’s Guide to Ethical Practice in College Admission and International ACAC Board Policies. The AP Committee works closely with the NACAC AP Committee and staff.  
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Term Expiration
Ruby Bhattacharya (Chair) Barnard College 2022
Tanya Cummings St. John's School 2022
Jennifer Dewar Duolingo English Test 2022
Angela Dunnham Shrewsbury International School 2024
Lindsey Fogleman Tran University of California, San Diego 2024
Becky Halvorson Pearson College UWC 2024
Gavin Hornbuckle Victoria Shanghai Academy 2023
Eloise Hyman University of Chicago 2023
Chantelle Jackson-Boothby A-List Education UK 2024
Amber Longtin Michigan State University 2024
Laura Pacchioni Florida International University 2022
Chris Payne Collingwood School 2022
Sudarshana Shukla  Cathedral and John
Connon School
Brian Stelbotsky Boise State University 2022
Camila Vasquez New Brunswick College of
Craft & Design
Nan Zhang WLSA Shanghai Academy 2023

Advocacy & Outreach

The Advocacy and Outreach Committee informs members on issues of concern regarding education and college access initiatives at both the national and international level. The Committee is responsible for supporting the Vice President in his/her work in conjunction with the Presidential Team in research on and identification of viable sites for the International ACAC Regional Institutes; assisting at regional lunches and updates at the annual conference; monitoring legislative issues at the local; national and international level and informs the membership about these concerns; and serving as an information source for legislators about the transition from high school to university.  
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Member Institution         Term Expiration       
Tricia Bergantino (Chair) Bishop Hendricken High School  2023
Anthony Adey  Acadia University 2023
Claudia Bean  Cairo American College 2023
Hao Chen Shanghai World 
Foreign Language Academy
Ning Deng Vanke Meisha Academy 2023
Brendan Graham Northeastern University 2023
Adam Guo Moonshot Academy 2023
Nathan Mack University of Southern California 2023
Daniel Marschner Loyola Marymount University 2022
Jo Mattingley-Nunn Dulwich College Singapore 2023
Francis McIvor American International School
of Mozambique
Anne Richardson The American School in London 2024
Kate Strittmatter Pierce College 2024
Dalia Wardany  University of California, Davis 2023
Jacob Wooden University of Denver 2022



The role of the Communications Committee is to create opportunities for engagement and facilitate communication from International ACAC to its members and between members themselves. Individual Communication Committee members are expected to contribute in the following ways: Create, host, and/or support preparation of web content, online events, and initiatives; Monitor, moderate, and contribute to social media channels; Actively participate in committee meetings and email discussions.

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Member Institution  Term Expiration 
Alyson Murray (Chair) Dalhousie University   2022
Emerson Buczolits OCAD University 2023
Lukas Devlin Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong 2024
Catherine Huang Cialfo 2024
Berta Liao 'Iolani School 2023
Julie Moloney The Bolles School 2022
Ben O'Brien Western Academy of Beijing 2024
Jenny Tassell
International School of Panama
Cory Zimmerman Singapore American School 2023


Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee became a standing committee in 2021. The committee examines matters of difference and equity within International ACAC for the purpose of creating an inclusive community that captures the variety inherent in our membership and opening pathways for more meaningful participation of General, Committee, and Executive Board members.

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Member Institution Term Expiration
Isthier Chaudhury (Chair) Trinity College 2024
James Akaba Open Dreams 2023
Maria Carvalho University of Southern California 2022
Ikbala Catic Prva Bosnjacka Gimnazija 2023
Yik Kun Heng International School of
Nido De Aguilas
Andrea Maldonado
National Student
Leadership Conference
Jacquelynne Modeste
RDF International School
Rosa Moreno-Zutautas
St. Mildred's-Lightbourn School
Erick Núñez
BASIS Independent Manhattan
Marsha Oshima International School of Geneva, 
LGB Campus
Dejana Petricic Berlin Metropolitan School 2024
Nicole Ribeiro Colegio Planck 2024
Raghvendra Singh Northern Arizona University 2022
Shruti Tewari UWC South East Asia,
Dover Campus
Ankur Vohra Cialfo 2022
Xuejie Wang Shen Wai International School 2023



The Finance Committee reviews financial matters and advises the Executive Board on opportunities to create and manage matters relating to sponsorships, advertising, scholarship funds, and conference exhibitors.
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Member Institution Term Expiration
Tracy How (Chair) Flintridge Sacred
Heart Academy 
Karen Chesnut Ozkurt Yew Chung International School Shanghai 2023
Sonali Hutchison Taipei American School 2022
Shanell Leggins The Archer School for Girls 2022
Patrick Love Concordia International
School Shanghai
Shannon O'Hagan University of Missouri 2022
Danika Pierce
Saint Joseph's
Institution International
Annie Kim Podlubny Escola Eleva 2022
Bill Russo Keystone Academy 2022
Claire Ruz American International School of Vilnius 2023
Xue Yan Vassar College 2024


2021-2022 Governance & Nominating Committee (GNC)

The Governance and Nominating Committee (GNC) is responsible for reviewing all governing documents, related policies, and recommended amendments. The committee shall review eligibility for Delegates to the NACAC Assembly and officers and forward a slate of nominees for annual elections. The GNC will verify the veracity of election results. All reports will be presented to the Executive Board for approval.
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Member Institution Representation/Region
Kathleen Schultz (Chair)
Zurich International School
Robert Branigan Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University  Member-at-Large
(Canada & US)
Marco Dinovelli
Rutgers University
Delegate to the NACAC Assembly
(Canada & US)
Michelle Flood
North London Collegiate School Singapore
(Southeast Asia & Oceania)
Stephen Lewin
Griffith University
(Southeast Asia & Oceania)
Jimmy Lin

Kang Chiao International School Linkou Campus

(East Asia)
Denise Nijhuis University College Roosevelt Executive Board VP (Europe)
Celina Revoredo
(South America)
Kimberly White
Ringling School of Art & Design
(Canada & US)
Kristoffer Toribio
Orange Coast College
President-Elect, Ex Officio
(Canada & US)


Inclusion, Access, & Success

The Inclusion, Access and Success Committee advances the association’s commitment to inclusion for underserved students and the educational professionals who guide them. The Committee coordinates the Scholarship Program; encourages IAS-related session proposals for the annual conference; and collects and distributes resources that promote international student access and mobility. 
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Member Institution Term Expiration
Michelle Trimpe (Chair)  University of Chicago  2023
Joyce Agyare Independent Member 2024
Jacqui Brelsford British International School of Phuket 2024
Christina Callahan Northwestern University 2023
Claire Canning Queen Mary University of London 2024
Danielle Ditty Gettysburg College 2023
Alexandra Feinson UWC Changshu China 2023
Bela Gligorova Nova International Schools 2023
Whitney Green Columbia University 2023
Vera Grek Worcester Polytechnic Institute 2023
Malin Halladay Aladlouni GEMS International School, Al Khail 2024
Samuel Jeong Saigon South
International School
Gregory Manne Rise 2022
Liam McCartney Boston University 2024
Zehra Ratani Rice University 2024
Swati Shrestha International School Bangkok 2023
Erin Slocum Tanglin Trust School 2024
Dory Streett Retired Professional 2023
Stephanie Tao International School Manila 2024
Claire Wilkins German Swiss International School 2022



The Membership Committee is responsible for membership retention, outreach to potential new members, and managing the application and approval process for those new to the organization. The Membership Committee is tasked with developing and upholding the policies and guidelines that dictate which individuals and organizations can and should be represented in International ACAC.
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Member Institution Term Expiration
Michelle Chow-Liu (Chair) Western Academy of Beijing 2023
Brian Bailey

University of Waterloo

Carolyn Barr

Leiden University

Craig Brown Shawnigan Lake School 2022
Betty Chang Western University 2023
Jennifer Cheong Crofton House School 2024
Alizee Cordes Teesside University 2023
 Simon Fitch
Malvern International
Yunxia Liao International School of Beijing 2024
Gretchen Logan Almaty International
Rebecca Lucas-Timpany Victoria Shanghai Academy 2023
Kathryn (Kate) McKeen IELTS USA 2023
Doug McQueen The American School in Japan 2024
Francis Miller Xi'an Tieyi High School International Curriculum Center 2023
Anne Payne International School of Latvia 2024
Margarita Servera TBS Education 2022
Flor Silva Notre Dame International School-Grupo 4 EFFE S.A. 2024
Shikha Vij Step By Step School 2022
Dwayne Zamora Taipei European School 2023


Professional Development

The PD Committee works to hear the needs and concerns of the International ACAC membership in regards to its professional development priorities. We work on the development, implementation and evaluation of the professional development for all members with special attention to the International ACAC Institute 2-day pre-conference, Regional Institutes, the summer conference, Webinar Wednesdays, and the International ACAC Counselor Bus Tour.  The Committee also works year round on special projects related to professional development for International ACAC and at times in collaboration with NACAC and other affiliate memberships.
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Member Institution Term Expiration
Denise Nijhuis (Chair) University College Roosevelt  2022
Nirmal Agarwal Cognix 2022
Ruba Al Fittiani American Community School Amman 2023
Sarah Blackburn Rutgers University-New Brunswick 2023
Ilaria Bossi Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore 2023
Shannon Bracken Ontario Tech University
Carin D'Souza International School Hannover Region 2023
Patrick Firme UWC-USA 2023
Pamela Joos Washington International School 2022
 Stephen Lewin Griffith University   2024
John Liu UWC South East Asia, Dover Campus 2024
Yanni Liu Keystone Academy 2024
Simon Nascimento University of Chicago 2022
Tom Olang Okeyo,
Bus Tour Co-Director
International University
Pathways College (IUPC)
Sara Riggs Georgia Institute of Technology 2023
Sam Wickham
ACS Cobham International School


First-Timers Committee

The First-Timers Committee aims to support first-time attendees to the International ACAC Conference. The Committee organizes the International ACAC First-Timer event, held prior to every International ACAC Conference.  

Member Institution Term Expiration
Ning Deng (Co-Chair)

Vanke Meisha Academy

Lena Adely

Sarah Lawrence College

Asil Al-Shammari Halcyon London International School 2025
Samantha de Leon Illinois Institute of Technology 2023
Luisa Duarte-Silva Ashinaga 2025
Bobbe Fernando New York University 2025
Alban Ferrieu Tanglin Trust School 2024
Samantha Fifield Boston University 2022
Jeannette Lacoss California Institute of Technology 2022
Scott Lassey International School Manila 2024
Stephanie Lord University of New Brunswick 2025
Megan Mankerian-Stem Creighton University 2025
Francine Mohammed UWC Atlantic College 2023
Ango Paul Mwakisu NYU Abu Dhabi 2025
Lindsey Rech Kyiv International School 2024
Madeline Schloss Colegio Interamericano 2024
Iss-Haq Suleman Wise 360 Educational Consult 2025
Malissa Takacs International School Basel 2024
Martha Torres Reina Santiago Christian Academy 2025
Morgan Volkart Lehigh University 2023


Special Events Committee

We are responsible for the fund-raising activities. This includes the Annual Conference Raffle, along with our 5K Run/Walk.  
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Member Institution Term Expiration
Shilpa Gupta (Co-Chair) UWC ISAK 2023
Stephanie Lord (Co-Chair) University of New Brunswick
Megan Buckley University of Denver 2025
Beth Ann Burkmar George School 2023
Michelle Burlock Jakarta Intercultural School 2023
Lewis Cardenas EducationUSA REAC, South Asia 2023
Mary de Villiers University of Notre Dame 2023
Brandy Fransen Rollins College 2025
John Nesbitt Duolingo English Test 2022
Erin Nicolls International School of
Kuala Lumpur
Anne Sjostrom Duke University 2022
Jason Smith UES Education 2025
Stacy Soderstrom Central Washington University 2023
Iss-Haq Suleman Wise 360 Educational Consult 2025
Zoe Williams Tanglin Trust School 2022