2018 Conference Bursary Application

 2018 International ACAC
Conference Bursary Application

The International Association for College Admission Counseling offers a Conference Bursary Program to encourage member participation in the International ACAC summer conference. The goal is to support members of International ACAC who work at schools or universities that typically don’t fully support attendance for these conferences. Conference Bursaries may cover up to the cost of registration fees and on-campus housing, which is estimated to be $400 and $240 (up to four nights of on-campus housing) for 2018. All other travel expenses including flights, visas, ground transportation, and other incidentals will be the responsibility of the attendee.  

Priority will be given to:

  • Applicants who are currently members of International ACAC;

  • Applicants who submit a thoughtful and complete application;

  • Applicants who have the additional financial support that will allow for them to attend the Conference;

  • Applicants who will add a diverse perspective to the Conference.

  • *Note: For-Profit members are not eligible for bursaries.

Applicants for Conference Bursaries are required to:

  • Complete this form;
  • If selected for a bursary, you will be required to submit a letter of support from your head of school/director of admissions within two weeks of the award notification. If your school is able to partially fund your attendance, the letter should indicate the amount of support your school is willing to offer to fund you to attend the Conference. (If you are self-funding the balance of your travel expenses, please write a letter detailing that you’ll be self-funding).

The initial group of applicants (who submitted by the original deadline of April 16th) will be notified by Monday, April 30. Applicants who submit after April 16th will be notified in early May.

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