Exactly What to Expect in Eugene*

By Beau C. Benson
Senior Assistant Director, New York University

10. Spread out over 295 acres in the beautiful Willamette Valley between the Pacific Coast and the Cascade Mountains, the University of Oregon’s campus will offer plenty of opportunities to break out your walking/jogging/running shoes. Try to see as much as possible -- but remember, see as much as possible while sporting your Nikes, which were founded by University of Oregon track athlete Philip Knight and his coach Bill Bowerman in January 1964

9. Not a fan of running? Well, we’ve got you covered. Bicycling magazine called Eugene one of the ten most bicycle-friendly cities in the nation.

8. Feeling under the weather? Give Nurse Ratched a call. She’s likely to be around town. As is McMurphy, and the rest of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Eugene in the 1960s was known for its large hippie population, and counterculture culture ideas, which were espoused by author -- and Eugene resident -- Ken Kesey.

7. Do you want to help the environment? Well, so does the University of Oregon -- a longtime leader in sustainable technology, design and action. In fact, National Geographic’s “Green Guide” named Eugene the number one green city in the United States for air quality, recycling, transportation and green space. So, prepare yourself for the greenest OACAC conference to date. And I’m not just talking about the university colors.

6. From “Classical Gas” to Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, Eugene is known for its eclectic mix of tunes, from electronic and hip hop, to folk, and even reggae. Rolling Stone even included Eugene in its list of “America’s Top 10 Campus Music Scenes That Rock.” And since this is a college town, lets not forget the A cappella. UO’s very own On the Rocks even made an appearance of reality competition series, “The Sing-Off.”

5. Oregon’s Willamette Valley is the second-largest growing area for hops in America, and has been one of the most prolific hops-growing regions in the world. Last year, Oregon farmers harvested over 8 million pounds of hops! Needless to say: there will be no shortage of beer at Late-Night Hospitality!

4. Besides the craft beer, Eugene is known for an innovative restaurant culture. As a part of “Night on the Town,” we will have the opportunity to sample the best food, wine and beer Eugene has to offer, with options ranging from a brewery crawl to dinner and wine catered by one of the city’s top fine-dining restaurants to the best “alternative” options the city has to offer!

3. If you happen to overindulge on the hoppy beverages available in Eugene, just remember: you are not alone! National Lampoon’s Animal House was filmed here, so if need be, swing by Delta Tau Chi, and you’ll fit right in!

2. Load up on some swag from the University of Oregon! Why? Because how many other colleges can claim a Disney cartoon as a mascot? Not many. Back in 1947, Oregon’s athletic director Leo Harris happened to be friends with Walt Disney. After a handshake and promise that Donald Duck would be used in good taste, the Oregon Duck was born.

1. With all of Eugene’s great offerings, it’s no surprise that it was named one of the Top 10 College Towns by Livability.com!

* Remember, it’s pronounced “you-GENE” and not “YOU-gene.” We certainly do not want you looking like a tourist!

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Bridget Herrera - Saturday, June 27, 2015

Can't wait!

Erick Nunez - Friday, June 26, 2015

Great piece! Super excited to attend this conference!!

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