FAQ : 2015 SAT Update

The past several months the SAT has been a hot topic amongst our members. From security concerns and reports of test fraud in Asia to international testing dates to the pending roll out of the redesigned test, there has been a lot to think about with regards to The College Board's SAT.  In February, OACAC was pleased to present a Webinar in cooperation with The College Board as opportunity for members to listen to updates and ask questions.  Clay Hensley, Senior Director, International Strategy & Outreach, walked through the latest news concerning the SAT.  

As a follow up to the webinar, Clay has provided responses to a good number of the questions that were poised during the webinar and shared the answers exclusively with OACAC members.


Would CB consider different security measures for different parts of the world ?

What are the consequences when a student is caught cheating on the SAT?  Is the cancellation of scores between ETS and student only?  In what case would the student´s parent, school or institution where s/he is applying be notified?

When will practice PSAT questions be available?

Would you provide info to counselors for parents ?

Will Khan Academy use practice questions from the actual redesigned SAT?   Some of the questions I've seen from them don't seem helpful.

Could you speak more about the three sections of the Essay Section?

Will you agree the students of 2017 class will benefit from PSAT in Oct. 2015? Will you encourage them to register it?

What kind of information is College Board sharing with universities to help them interpret students in a way that does not put them at a disadvantage as a result of a new standardized test? 

Read the answers to these questions and more here (login required)

Access to the College Board Frequently Asked Questions is available exclusively to OACAC members. 

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