Proposed Bylaw Change
Regarding When Executive Board Members Take Office

Below is the feedback we have received on this motion.
(Discussion of this motion is closed as the ballot to vote has been released to members).

  •  It seems odd to tie a governance change date to the end of the annual conference, which could vary and/or may not take place. Wouldn't it make more sense to tie it to, say, August 1st instead?
    • Anonymous
  • What is the contingency plan if there is no conference?
    • Brian White, Post-Secondary Member - Canada & US
  • What is the proposed mentoring process for newly elected members between March and the conference in July?
    • Doreen John, Post Secondary Member - Southeast Asia & Oceania
  • I agree with this motion as I have found the impact of July 1 on the Pre-Conference Faculty members to be difficult: to whit, if a member applies (and is accepted) to the PreCon Faculty, then learns they are elected to the Executive Board, they cannot serve during the (in-person) Pre Conference due to a conflict with Board meetings. Waiting until after the conference to begin a new term would then remove this hurdle for service. (As well as allow for a more seamless preparation for the PreCon). In addition, would said change also apply to Committee Members' terms? I have found it confusing to serve through the conference on one committee (whose purview or actions occur _during_ the conference) while I am technically "rolling off" and also have been confused when "rolling on" to another committee, when I have not been part of the planning, etc. for events that occur during the conference. All of this assumes in-person conferences, and pre-Covid practices, of course. All in all, I think this is a positive move for clarity and transitions in positions. I would like to see Committee members' service terms align with this new practice.
    • Aleka Bilan, Individual Member - Canada & US