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#WelcomeHome Photo Challenge


For many of us, “home” can be a place where we rest our heads or the people that we know and love. Home can also be your place of work or where your fondest memories were made. As an international community, the depth of how we define “home” is a testament to our organization’s unique and rich identity. How do you define home? Whether it’s your hometown or your amazing colleagues…let’s hear it, International ACAC! Share with us what home means to you through our #WelcomeHome Photo Challenge

In an effort to highlight community and get excited for the 2024 Conference, we are encouraging members to submit their #WelcomeHome photos! See some of our member submissions below. 


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United States

"Home to me is family. No matter how far I go, they are the magnet that draws me back."

Submitted by:
Jessica Bishop
International ACAC

Photos location:
New Hampshire

New Hampshire 1   New Hampshire 2   New Hampshire 3



"To me, home is the place that allows me befriend it; I walk, I rest at home without fear of anything."

Submitted by:
Tendai Murambidzi
Kotwa High School, Harare, Zimbabwe

Photos location:
Mudzi District, Mashonaland East Province, Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe 8   Zimbabwe 2 Zimbabwe 4  Zimbabwe 1  Zimbabwe 7  Zimbabwe 9
Zimbabwe 3  Zimbabwe 6  Zimbabwe 7


To submit your photos:

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  • Email your photos to [email protected]
  • Post in the WeChat channel and hashtag #WelcomeHome
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