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2023 Conference Chats

We were thrilled to offer Conference Chats as a part of the conference programming at FIU, an initiative that started in 2018. In 2024, conference attendees had the opportunity to see six of their colleagues give a "TED-Style" talk during lunch on Wednesday and Thursday. An entirely different approach from the standard conference education sessions, Conference Chats are a mixture of informative and inspirational, big picture concepts and specific examples, that all come together to form a narrative. These individuals are making a profound impact in our profession; their presentations will be personal and concise, allowing you to gain an entirely new perspective on issues and ideas. Below you will find Chat recordings, along with Chat descriptions and presenter information.


Cultural, Religious, or Both? Worldview Diversity in International College & Career Counseling

Presenter: Renee Bowling, Graduate Student - The Ohio State University

Renee will share her story exploring religious, secular, and spiritual worldview diversity on both sides of the desk. Attendees will be invited to consider students' communities of belonging, the role of spirituality in our work, and the importance of equity and inclusion in this area. Renee will brief the community on her original research of worldview diversity at global liberal arts campuses and at U.S. universities and share a tool for students and families.


I'm Ready, Maestro! Approaching Presentations Through an Opera Singer's Lens

Presenter: Rebecca McIntosh, The College of Wooster

All the world is a stage! As education professionals we have so many opportunities to speak and present - whether it's in front of students, university administrators, or our peers at International ACAC. With so much pressure to make an impression, finding the best approach is crucial. In this chat, we explore how classically trained singers approach the stage, learning from their poise and unforgettable presence to inform our own presentation style.



The Power of the ACAC Access Network

Presenter: Greg Manne, Rise

Greg has served on the International ACAC Inclusion, Access, and Success Committee for the last four years and is amazed by the people he has met because of it. At Rise, he is working with an extensive list of access oriented professionals, most all of whom he met through ACAC Conferences or through his work on the committee. This Chat will highlight Rise partnerships with Kensap, Bridge2Rwanda, Amala, Bilim Education, Jakarta Intercultural School, and others that were forged through connections made at ACAC Conferences.



We're All Wrong

Presenter: Joe Serdar, Loyola University Chicago

Admitting we can be wrong is incredibly hard; biologically, intellectually, socially. It is also one of the most important skills we can develop as a person. The concept of Intellectual Humility, work from journalist/wrongness expert Kathryn Schulz, and the Loss of Confidence Project examine this problem - why is it so hard, and how tackling it can improve decision making, tolerance for difference and more.




Whose Culture Has Capital? Building a Healthy & Sustainable International Education Ecosystem

Presenter: Yanjie (Ruby) Cheng, Brown University

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically transformed the landscape of international education, presenting new challenges and opportunities for student success. As institutions adapt to the "new normal," it is crucial to recognize the importance of international identity and intersectionality in preparing students for future endeavors. This session aims to explore the significance of these concepts and highlight the essential components needed to support students' holistic development and overall success in the post-COVID-19 era.


Work Hard, Play Hard: Living Your Best Life During Work Travel

Presenter: Ashley Swengler, University of California - Riverside

If the last three plus years have taught us anything, it is that we need to live life with no regrets. In this Conference Chat, participants will be encouraged to not only plan for wherever work takes them, but truly plan and enjoy some well deserved adventure on the road. Whether it is a full day excursion before your red-eye out of town, or a brief, serendipitous moment in between engagements - we all should feel empowered to find ways to get the most out of our trips both professionally, and personally. Take a moment together to bring this topic out into the open, and make it acceptable and accessible to mix in a bit of fun with work travel. Let's make some #FamilyStyle memories in this conference and wherever travel takes us next!