Membership Dues Increase


To support the continued growth and work
of the association, the Membership
Committee proposes increasing 2022
membership dues across all membership
categories (see chart below for proposed

Motion made by Michelle Chow-Liu, Vice
President for Membership; seconded by
Tracy How, Vice President for Finance.

Rationale for proposed change:

The dues increase is being 
proposed to support the work of the
association and continue the programs
and services provided to members that
make a positive impact on their work.


Review the FAQ below for more details
on this motion, dues history and research.


Member comments on the motion can be reviewed here.

Voting on the motion is now open
through October 26 at 11:59 PM ET.

VotIng on the motion will take place electronically,
providing all voting members the opportunity to engage in association governance.

  Voting members were sent a ballot by email on October 20. 

Proposed Membership Dues Increase

Membership Categories 2021 Current Dues 2022 Proposed Dues
Primary Member


Additional Member


(High Schools)
Primary/Additional Member


(IEC, Small Organization
Graduate Student)


For-Profit Organization
Primary Member
$325 $358
For-Profit Organization
Additional Member
$75 $83
Non-Profit Organization
Primary Member
$225 $248
Non-Profit Organization
Additional Member
$75 $83
Community Based Organization
Primary/Additional Member
$50 $55
Retired Professional $10 $11


*All dues are in USD currency. 

Membership Dues Increase FAQ

When was the last time dues were increased?
International ACAC member dues, as currently structured, have been in place since at least 2012, when the association moved to its current membership management system. The only significant change to member dues occurred in 2016 when the Community Based Organization (CBO) category was created, providing a reduction in annual dues for CBO’s to $50 per year.

Why is an increase being proposed?
The increase is being proposed to support the work of the association and continue the programs and services that our members have told us make a positive impact on their work. To date, these include Opportunity Grants, Conference Bursaries, Regional Institute Travel Grants, and Member Dues Waivers.  All of these programs are supported by the revenue realized each year by the organization. 

Why is the increase being proposed now, when the pandemic is ongoing?
The organization has been very fiscally conservative throughout the pandemic and has worked diligently to reduce expenses, including curtailing those that are operational, such as office space for staff, and those that are programmatic, such as the regional institutes. At the same time, the Executive Board has remained committed to supporting the programs as noted above that directly affect and assist members.  We understand that the pandemic continues to impact members around the world, and we as an organization have also been impacted. There has not been a dues increase for almost 10 years, despite rising costs due to inflation. 

How does this change in dues align with our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion?
The dues increase will allow our association to continue support of member engagement through funded programs and financial support. Member programs that have been supported annually include:

Initiative 2019 2020 2021
Opportunity Grants $10,126.127 $7,842.47 $15,000
Regional Institute
Travel Grants
$26,535.52 Cancelled due
to COVID-19
Cancelled due
to COVID-19
Conference Bursaries $11,714.15 No fee for 2020
Members Provided
Dues Waivers
9 17 23

 *All dollar amounts are in USD currency. 

How was this amount determined?
We looked at the inflation for the past few years. With an average inflation rate of 1.75% and cumulative inflation of 16.91%,  $125 in 2012 is worth $146 in 2021. Because this is our first time ever with a proposed dues increase, the fees reflect approximately 10% increase. 

How and when is the decision to increase or not increase dues being made?
The Membership Committee works closely with the Vice President for Finance to look at organizational costs, revenue, and the financial health of the organization. If a change to membership dues is considered, a motion is put forward to the Executive Board and, if approved, the motion is then put forward to voting members.

How often will this increase happen?
Moving forward, the Membership Committee will revisit membership dues every three years to determine if any adjustments should be proposed.

Is the organization in financial difficulty?
Financially, the organization is in a stable position. The diligent savings and investment that have been put in place have largely contributed to the organization’s financial stability. The organization continued to be fiscally conservative throughout the pandemic and has worked diligently to reduce expenses.  Like most organizations, our own operating costs have increased over time. As we continue to weather the pandemic and look ahead, our goal is to ensure fiscal responsibility to create a strong and thriving budget while continuing to serve our members.

When will the dues update take effect?
If approved, the increase will take effect for the 2022 membership year. Membership year is from January to December. 

Are there member dues waivers available?
Yes, there are. The application for a 2022 waiver will open in November 2021, when the 2022 membership renewal process is launched. 

What is the process to apply for a member dues waiver?
Membership dues waivers will launch with our renewal period for 2022 in November. The time frame to apply is from November 2021 to March 2022. Dues waivers are available for new and current members; the purpose of these dues waivers is to engage our less-resourced colleagues around the globe. Up to 50 dues waivers per year are available for distribution to qualified applicants. The membership dues waiver is a one-year/one-time award.

Who can vote on this motion?
Any voting member can vote on the motion. Members can determine their voting status by logging in to the website and reviewing the Member Landing Page. Our association voting policies are outlined in International ACAC’s  Policies and Procedures (pp 32-33).

I still have unaddressed questions or concerns - how can I share them?
Please click here to share your feedback; all responses will be shared on the website for members to review. In addition, this FAQ will be updated on an ongoing basis to reflect additional questions raised.