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Trying to RENEW FOR 2018?

To verify submitted forms, view messages, and confirm transaction details, please do the following:
  • Underneath your name tag, select "My Profile"
  • Above your photo, hover over the "My Profile" tab and select "View Transactions" from the dropdown list
  • Under the "Transaction Details" section, please click the "Receipt" button of the form you would like to view 
  • This receipt will allow you to verify each selection you made within the form and what was submitted to International ACAC
  • You can also view your "Message History" by selecting this option from the "My Profile" dropdown list
  • To view any of the messages you have received from International ACAC, simply click on the blue icon under the "View" section
  • In your "Message History", you can review any information you received and any payment receipts associated with form transactions