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Delegate to the NACAC Assembly: Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and North Africa

Ketevan (Kate) Maghlakelidze

  • Professional Title: Head of School
  • Institution: Enko Riverside International School
  • Institution Location: Mozambique
  • Member Type: Secondary (High School)
  • Statement to Members: I believe that education is the way for individuals to find their place in the world and realize themselves. Each child is unique in his/her interests, ways of thinking, and learning and exploring the world. Good education means providing equal opportunities to children. A friendly, secure, and caring environment is a place where children should grow up physically, and intellectually, develop emotionally, and integrate with society. I wholeheartedly believe that education is the only guarantee of peace and equality in the world. Education is continuous and our students need further support to build their careers. College admission counselors are the first people who contribute to it, on the other hand, the cooperation of school counselors with the higher education institutions is the key. I want to contribute to the building and strengthen these connections further and doing so will increase access to higher education.Once my colleague at Enko Education said that we want to educate the children so they develop “local roots and global wings” and I believe that this refers to educators as well and volunteering for the international ACAC Board will deepen my global thinking and develop my global wings.
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Christina McDade

  • Professional Title: High School Counselor
  • Institution: American Community School of Abu Dhabi
  • Institution Location: United Arab Emirates
  • Member Type: Secondary (High School)
  • Statement to Members: Taking two years off from my involvement with International ACAC provided time for clarity on what I want to be as a member of this organization and finding a way to make sure that leadership continues on this path of encouraging a community that values the diversity of all its members. As an organization, achievement and acceptance were centered on those close to the Executive Team, and most often they were White or White passing. However, from those of us who are Black to those of us who work in non-traditional school settings we have an insight that only we can bring that needs to be heard because our students make sure we do that every day. It's why we do what we do. I want to make sure that we continue on this journey, that it isn't lip service, but it is actionable, tangible, and continues to be relevant.
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Ala Shaban

  • Professional Title: Managing Director
  • Institution: American Excellence Schools
  • Institution Location: Jordan
  • Member Type: Secondary (High School)
  • Statement to Members: With more than 25 years of experience in setting up international schools in previlidged and less previliged countries, with over 70 accreditation visits with four major international and regional accredotation bodies, I think I have the know-how and the network to further promote ACAC
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Delegate to the NACAC Assembly: Open Region

Brendan Corsones

  • Professional Title: Assistant Director of Admissions
  • Institution: University of Notre Dame
  • Institution Location: United States
  • Member Type: Post-Secondary (College/University)
  • Statement to Members: My whole career has been spent effectively serving as a liaison, whether between my institution and prospective students, college counselors, alums, parents, and community organizations, and I would be honored to bring my experience and passion to a position on the International ACAC Executive Board. This experience serving to understand all sides of an issue or discussion and be able to effectively communicate my viewpoint would serve me well in a role in the Executive Board where I would be expected to extensively research issues brought before the Board to ensure I have a full understanding of any votes I would be making. I have been very fortunate to work with students and schools from all around the world during my time in Admissions, and I would bring my passion for equity and access for all students to my position on the Board. I am very comfortable working with and communicating with a wide variety of different audiences from all different backgrounds, and I believe that my passion for international admissions along with my learned skillset from my career would serve me well on the Board. I would embrace this next step in my career to always serve the members of International ACAC to my fullest effort to put their thoughts and concerns first.
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Rebecca Hansen

  • Professional Title: Associate Director of International Admissions
  • Institution: Northern Kentucky University
  • Institution Location: United States
  • Member Type: Post-Secondary (College/University)
  • Statement to Members: I have been a member of International ACAC for a decade now, and would love an opportunity to give back to the organization. I have recently been thinking back to the many opportunities I was able to take advantage of in my first few years as an international education professional, and have been especially interested in finding ways to promote greater access to professional development within my field. By committing to join the International ACAC Board, I am hoping for the opportunity to influence positive change with an eye toward greater access to information and development for the members of our professional community.
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Kyle Strothmann

  • Professional Title: Senior Consultant
  • Institution: Edvice London
  • Institution Location: United Kingdom
  • Member Type: Individual
  • Statement to Members: As the past few years unfolded, we as colleagues around the world shared an overwhelming sense of anxiety and uncertainty surrounding the higher education industry as a whole. From concerns about a lack of student mobility, to re-imagining the physical and digital environments of instruction, recruitment, and service, and the economic impact felt within institutional budgets and in surrounding communities, it is clear that this is a critical moment in the ideological and pedagogical influence of higher education in our global community. I am volunteering for board service and to represent International ACAC as a Delegate because I believe that the voices and work of our membership are the transformative force needed to make a positive impact on not just our individual students, but on the industry as a whole.
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Kimberly Tulloch Wynn

  • Professional Title: University and Academic Counsellor
  • Institution: York House School
  • Institution Location: Canada
  • Member Type: Secondary (High School)
  • Statement to Members: I want to be part of the International ACAC community in a more impactful way: offer my thoughts, share ideas, listen and learn so new initiatives can grow and changes can be effectively implemented. I want to connect with like-minded professionals who care about the impact and engagement of our profession and look for opportunities to help nurture that care and development in other professionals. Knowing and more deeply understanding the framework within which NACAC, International ACAC and all affiliates operate is an important aspect of my own professional development that can not only also positively impact my own day-to-day work but be important in mentoring and collaborating with others. Historically, I have been reluctant to volunteer or apply for positions with some aspect of leadership within the organization as I was not confident that I had sufficient experience (years and differentiation) to be an valuable contributor. However, I know that the variations of experience are a strength when creating a community that is inclusive and meaningful for all members. I see this opportunity for me to not only grow professionally, but also be part of significant changes in structure and thinking as International ACAC and NACAC are striving to be organizations that are leaders in diversity and inclusion.
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