Welcome to Blogosphere - The OACAC Blog

 The OACAC blog will offer reflections on the international admissions and counselling profession in a thoughtful and approachable style. 

We will cover topics from both the high school side and the college side and all points in between.  In many cases something written from a university representative will be insightful for a counsellor to read, and the same goes for the other side of the desk. 

This will be a place to find new ideas about high school programs, perspectives on university recruitment, and humorous tales from the road.  We hope to invite guest posts from presenters at conferences, to share their popular sessions in a readable format.  And all are welcome to contact us about contributing an article.  There will be critical analysis and thoughtful rumination… and hopefully a healthy dose of humor.


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World of Apps - Five Top Travel Apps

By Aaron Andersen
Director, International Recruitment | AMEA - University of British Columbia - Vancouver, Canada

Traveling, busy schedules, multiple projects, time zones, these are just a few things that the international educator copes with on a daily basis. Thanks to the ubiquitous smart phone there is often an app for that. 

World of Apps :  Apps Reviewed - for the Overseas(ACAC) minded professional.  

Today we take a look at five travel apps that can make your life a little easier.


  OnTheFly by ITA Software – iOS , Android (.free)

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The Zen of International Admissions

By Alison Herget
Senior Assistant Director of Admissions - Brandeis University - Waltham, MA

International recruitment certainly has its share of complexities and curve balls. I'll be the first to admit I had my fairshare last year during my first international recruitment trip last year as an admissions officer at Brandeis. After three weeks in Asia, I returned -- jet-lagged for weeks and with enough crazy stories to write a book. When I told my friend about how I hailed a cab amid an 8-lane busy road in Beijing then almost felt like I was going to die in the hands of a sleepy cab driver who transported us to the airport, she thought I was crazy to want to do what I do for a living. "That sounds so...exhausting," she said.

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Senior College Application Kickoff 2013

By Tim Munnerlyn
HS Counselor – American Community School – Abu Dhabi

It’s early September and another busy season of assisting, motivating and bribing seniors to complete their college applications on time, is upon us.  Oh, where did our summer vacation go?  Amidst, the buzz of the hallways as students make their way to classes and teachers revving up their courses; high school counselors must find ways to focus their seniors for the important tasks that awaits them during the fall.

Over the years, we’ve offered a Senior College Night presentation to students and parents providing information and answering questions regarding the college application process. This has typically occurred during the second or third week of school. 

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