Diversity Initiative to Launch at Summer Conference

Differences challenge assumptions.

- Anne Wilson Schaef

How can I identify my deep-seated assumptions and unconscious biases?  Do I have the tools to understand my relationship to my culture? Can I make sense of how I relate to people of other cultures?  How do I gauge my intercultural competence and enhance it? How can I grow in my ability to engage with diversity I encounter in my life, my workplace, and within our professional association?  How can we work towards recognizing and celebrating diversity within International ACAC and how can we make ours a truly inclusive organization?

We hope that the new Diversity Initiative, which launches with a program of in-person diversity and inclusion workshops to be conducted by trainers from the Council of International Schools (CIS) at this summer’s conference, will help you navigate these and other questions you may have.  The Committee on Issues of Diversity and the leadership team of International ACAC are excited to introduce our membership to this Diversity Initiative, which will be an ongoing focus for our organization for the next three years following the kick-off during the 2019 summer conference. You can read more about this initiative on this newly created webpage.

A sequence of three workshops will be offered during the summer Conference - for the Executive Board (on Sunday July 7th), for Pre-Conference attendees (on Monday), and for Committee members and the general membership (on Tuesday).  This will be followed by opportunities for online diversity and inclusion training via webinars. If you missed the chance to register for the workshop to be offered during the conference, rest assured that there will be more training and discussion opportunities coming your way in the next two years.  

We are so excited by the overwhelming response to the launch of the Diversity Initiative already (we had to close registration for this summer’s CIS-facilitated workshops due to limited space availability!) and look forward to seeing the 1,600 of you who are attending the summer conference a few weeks from now in London, Ontario!

By Mallika Ramdas and Erick Nunez, Committee on Issues of Diversity
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