Social Media Tips For Your Next Conference

The Case for Social Media

By Kelley Ferrante  &  Aaron Andersen
National ACAC            University of British Columbia

The world we live in is drastically influenced by social media. Social media for business and at conferences is no different. Here are some tips to encourage the use of social media at #IntlACAC19 !


1.       Be aware of your social media presence. Both sides of the desk teach students about how Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., can change their life for better or worse – this also applies to all of you. While we encourage you to be yourself and share your thoughts, ensure that your first impression is a positive and welcoming one.

2.       Presenting at the Conference? Promote your session. We’ve created banners that can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and any other platform you’re using to promote your session. They are housed at the bottom of the Conference page. Just add the time and the name of your session in the message of your post and you’ll instantly be able to spread the good news. On Twitter, when you add the banner as a photo, you can tag people in it. Tag @intlacac, your institution, your affiliate, your co-presenters, your parents ... the list goes on.

3.       Use the hashtags! Use #IntlACAC19, especially on site! Also, incorporate other popular industry hashtags for example #emchat, #scchat, #reachhigher, #collegeadmissions, #highered

4.       Review the Social Media guidelines. Did you know International ACAC has social media guidelines? They are pretty common sense, but it helps sometimes to have them written down. Basically respect others, provide space, and think before you post. 

5.       Share the best session take-aways. Hear a great tip or learned something awesome at a session? Tweet the catchy and direct things that you hear. Be sure to thank and give a shout-out to panelists and speakers that you think were excellent.  We love to retweet positive conference feedback and tips.

6.       Organize and attend a social media meet-up (online and in person). Leading up to the conference, consider arranging a meet-up for groups of people you may have only met online through the Facebook Group. 

7.    Watch out for contests!  Throughout the conference the International ACAC will be running daily social media challenges across Twitter and Instagram.  Examples include “post a photo with a volunteer” and be sure to use the conference hashtag #IntlACAC2017.  If you meet that days challenge, you will be entered into daily draw from some great prizes. #giftcards 

International ACAC will be active on the following channels leading up to and during the 2019 Conference

Twitter @Intlacac

Instagram @intlacac

Follow us from everywhere at #Intlacac2019

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