Benefits of Board Service

Getting Involved: The Benefits of Board Service

by Kristin Dreazen, President (2016-2017)

As a brand-new international admissions counsellor in 2001, I had no idea what to expect when I went to my first OACAC Conference at Clark University. I had been to other ACAC conferences but, leaving campus after that week, I knew that OACAC was something really special. I was welcomed and made to be ‘part of the family’ and those members I met all those years ago are still mentors and friends.  Since then, what is now International ACAC contributed so much to my own personal and professional development that when the opportunity to give back in the form of Board service presented itself, I felt compelled to get involved.

Being part of the incredible – and ever-changing - group of people that makes up the Executive Board, first as a Delegate and then as part of the Presidential Team, was an amazing experience.  I gained a deeper understanding of the Association and the membership – now, so different than when I joined; was given the opportunity to shape the future direction of the work done on behalf of the members; and had the privilege to represent their voices in NACAC’s Assembly as it debated and voted on matters dealing with commission-based agents and the revamp of the SPGP (among other things).   

Having finished my service on the Board just a few short months ago, it’s still hard to quantify exactly what it has meant but in the short term, I am grateful for the time spent in conversation and at work with such a smart, dynamic, hard-working, and collegial group of colleagues on the Board. 

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