Getting Involved with International ACAC

Getting Involved with International ACAC

by Johanna Fishbein, Past-President, International ACAC

We always tell our students that it’s important they get involved in their community; whether that’s service, activities, sports, and much more - universities value involvement. Well... we at International ACAC feel the same way; we want our members involved!

We fully recognize that time is not something readily available, so there are many different ways to get involved - some that require much more of a time commitment than others. In February of 2018 we held a webinar on Getting Involved with International ACAC which you can access here. As we look to 2019, here are some ways you can consider getting involved:

  • Be an active member of our Facebook group - respond to queries and share your valuable wisdom with your colleagues. Posting questions is important as well - as we tell our students - if you have a question someone else does too, so please be the brave one to ask it. Time commitment: minimal

  • Submit a blog article - if there is something you’ve always wanted to write about, contact our VP of Communications (David Bernay) and run the idea past him - we love having our members contribute their ideas. Time commitment: minimal

  • Apply to join an International ACAC Committee! Applications will open in early Januaryfor vacancies across our committees. Review the descriptions of each committee and consider applying for one that peaks your interest the most. You will only be able to apply for one committee, so take the time to make sure you are applying for the one that is right for you - remember you can always reach out to the Committee Chair with questions. Time commitment: moderate to significant

  • Apply to serve on the International ACAC Executive Board! This year there will be vacancies for President-Elect, VP of Finance, VP of Admissions Practices, VP of Communications, VP of Professional Development, and two Delegate positions. We will share more about the application process during a special, November webinar, but we encourage some of our underrepresented voices in our Association tol come forward to run for a position. It is a lot of work, but the rewards are tremendous and you will be in a unique position to shape the future of International ACAC. Time commitment: significant

Please note that for this upcoming year, people who apply for the Executive Board and are not elected will not be automatically placed onto a Committee. Therefore, if you are interested in both Board and Committee service, please make sure to submit two applications - one for each position. If you are considering applying for board or committee position, please make sure to read the International ACAC Policies and Procedures to learn more about the roles.

We will share more about the upcoming elections and committee application process in the coming months, and we do hope many of you will consider getting more involved in International ACAC. As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me ([email protected]).




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