Volunteering for the Board: The Five Steps

By Joe Giacalone
Immediate Past President, International ACAC
Chair, Governance and Nominating Committee
Executive Director, International Admission, Marist College

This is the second in a three-part series on contributing to the Association through Executive Board Service.
  Be sure to visit the Board Elections page on our website for complete details. 

So you are considering board service, maybe for this year or the next…how does it work?

What happens when you apply for a board position? Here are few (five), boiled down, steps to board service.

Step 1. A potential applicant might come to the election website for a number of reasons:

  • They have been eyeing a position on the Board and want a chance at landing said position
  • They know they want to be on the Board but need to figure out what role is most suitable
  • Someone mentioned they should run so they looked up the information
  • They are interested in running, but maybe next year
  • Fill in the reason why you chose to visit the site

Step 2. Potential applicants review the requirements and eligibility, complete a thorough, thoughtful, and meaningful application and submit it by the January 15th deadline. A completed application includes:

  • Answering all the questions on the application
  • Providing one letter of recommendation
  • Providing a letter of support from your supervisor

Step 3. The Governance and Nominating Committee (GNC) reviews completed applications for a potential candidate’s eligibility. They determine this by evaluating certain criteria, such as:

  • Past experience related to the organization, like organizations, and experience in the area they are applying to run
  • Confirm current International ACAC membership and/or NACAC member (for delegate positions)
  • Review letters of recommendation and institutional support
  • Discuss, debate, and decide on an election slate, the “slate” is the list of candidates the GNC would like to submit to membership for the election

Step 4. Submit the election slate to the current International ACAC Board for approval where, again, the potential candidates are discussed, debated, and either approved or not approved.

  • If approved, the candidates are finalized and made public to the membership. A membership vote will take place shortly thereafter.
  • If the board does not approve the slate of candidates, then the GNC must regroup and come up with a different slate of candidates to present to the board for approval.

Step 5. The membership votes on the slated candidates (for 2017, elections are scheduled for March 1- 24). NACAC members within our membership vote on the delegate positions and the election results are made public. The new board members’ term begins July 1st of that year.

Of Note:  International ACAC is a nonprofit organization governed by a set of Bylaws and guided by our Policies and Procedures. We have a legally binding set of rules that give structure to our election process.

Applications can be received up until January 15th.  The GNC has until February 25th to review all applicants, discuss their candidacy, and receive approval from the sitting Board before making the names public to the membership. The only names that are made public are those that are on the slate. The GNC does not publicize those that have submitted applications.

Ultimately, the membership votes on who will sit on the Board. If you or someone you know would be a great addition to the executive board, please encourage them to apply. 

 This is the second in a three-part series on contributing to the Association through Executive Board Service. 
  Be sure to visit the Board Elections page on our website for complete details.

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