Top Benefits of NACAC Membership

This year marks my 10th year counseling here in Seoul.  For the past several years I have been both a NACAC and International ACAC member. 

Why International ACAC ? Our President Joe put it best.  “We are a family.”  We are a select group of international educators who have a distinct passion and appreciation for those serving and living overseas.  It is part of our identity, and it is what makes our association not only unique, but as Tina Turner would say it…“simply the best.”  

But why NACAC ? However, many often wonder why I’m still a member of NACAC and attend their conference every year.  Even last fall, when I attended the San Diego conference, “You attend NACAC as well?” was a question I heard more often than not.  So, to my fellow International ACAC members, after another year of membership and attending another mind-blowing NACAC, I have been reaffirmed of my commitment to both the National AND the International Association for College Admissions Counseling.  Here’s why...   


When it comes to NACAC Membership…

Network:  With its membership, anyone is able to get connected with the right person at their most updated contact information.  Given the transience of the job, I found this reassuring.  With the members-only NACAC Exchange web forum, information and ideas can be shared throughout the entire community.  This is a killer platform and resource. The same benefits exist on Facebook and Twitter.  Finding and receiving information is never an issue you have to worry about.  

Support: As a member of NACAC, you have the entire association in your corner!   From using their logo on publications, to marketing, to referencing and to exercising the SPGPs, NACAC has plenty of muscle to flex on your behalf.  For us, we proudly display our membership on our profile, while highlighting our commitment to the SPGPs.  Not only has this brought another level of respect to our institution, but it has helped us defend any policy that we have adopted from NACAC.  This part of membership has been especially inspiring and encouraging for us out here in Asia.  

Resources:  Other than the conference, NACAC also offers a variety of online webinars on their site, as well as several of their own stacks of publications that are very helpful, especially for parent support.  Whether you are a new or experienced counselor, a first-time parent or nearly an empty-nester, there is something for everyone.  Best of all, most of the resources are covered within the cost of membership as well.  And call me a dork, but I enjoy reading the State of College Admissions report when it gets released every year.  There is a lot of helpful data that I use that parents like to see.

The International Voice 

Most importantly, if you are a supporter of International ACAC, membership to NACAC should become second nature.  Within the realm of college policy and admissions, it is obvious that NACAC has a presence that is substantial to International ACAC’s.  This is in fact true for most affiliates as well.  However, as the largest affiliate, International ACAC is unique in its nature for many of the reasons already mentioned.  We need NACAC to continually provide guidance, resources, and muscle to help grow our association.  Similarly, NACAC needs us to help them grow in their understanding of knowledge, policies, and trends internationally.  For this relationship to strengthen, and in hopes for us to continually aspire change, our presence through your membership to NACAC is critical. 


From setting policies for ethics and best practices, to lobbying for immigration laws in Washington, NACAC is actively and directly involved in the work that impacts our students.  Through your membership, we are able to stand on a taller soapbox and speak through a louder megaphone in efforts to inspire the necessary changes within the community that we serve.  The conferences are helpful.  The networking and the resources are definitely worth harnessing.  But the impact we can have as a voting NACAC member is what excites me the most.  There is no need to take my word for it.  Please take the time to check out more at their website at 

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Peter Hauet - Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Wilson, Thanks so much for writing this. All I can say is well done!

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