Workplace Survey 2015 - Results 

In the summer of 2015 International ACAC conducted a Workplace Survey of its members to get a better understanding of their workplace experience. 30% of AAPS member institutions responded to this survey and the Communications Committee has reviewed the results over the past several months. The survey had a set of questions for both university admission and secondary school counselling offices. While there was also a short set of questions for educational consultants, it is acknowledged that future editions of the survey will need to have an expanded question set for this member group.

The responses will be presented in a series of articles available exclusively to International ACAC members on this website over the next few months.  The data is intended to support our members strategic initiatives, and we hope that it may provide helpful context as they review their own workplace environments

The International ACAC Board wishes to thank the members for their time in completing this survey.

Member Exclusive Survey Results 

Summary : Info graphic 

January           Article 1            Secondary School Counseling: Caseloads & Office Arrangements

February         Article 2            University International Admissions: Travel Policies, Recruitment, & Scholarships

March              Article 3            Secondary School Counseling: Technology and Contract & Benefits 

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