Intro to NACAC's Vancouver International Universities Fair

An interview with Nancy L. Cromarty 

Colleges: mark your calendars for next May - NACAC is going International

Next spring the NACAC will host the first stand alone College Fair outside the United States.  The Vancouver International Universities Fair is scheduled for Saturday, May 7, 2016.

Whenever NACAC runs a National College Fair in the United States, the regional affiliate serves as a local organizing committee, and supports NACAC in the promotion and planning of the event.  Since Vanoucver, Canada is 'international' Overseas ACAC has the privilege of supporting this event. Recently, talked with Nancy Cromarty, Chair of the Organizing Committee and Director of University & Career Counseling at West Point Grey Academy in Vancouver, about this exciting new initiative and what participants can expect. 


> Why is NACAC supporting a college fair in Vancouver? Whats going to be different ?  

Nancy Cromarty: NACAC and OACAC are supporting The Vancouver International Universities Fair, 2016 as a first time opportunity for students in the Vancouver area.  This is a unique offering for students and families who will be able to take advantage of a wide variety of post secondary options.  This college fair will be different from regular NACAC fairs in that it will have a very large international taste with universities (“colleges”) from all over the globe.  A number of exceptional workshops will be provided prior to the fair for students & parents and these will all be at no cost to attend.


> What type of students and how many can universities expect to meet ?  

NC Students who are interested in studying in the UK, Scotland, United States and Canada will be attending this event.  As well, high level athletes will be interested in attending as they may be looking at NCAA schools and scholarship information.  The number of universities that will be in attendance will be somewhere in the neighbourhood of 150-200.  This will be a one stop shop for students who are looking to do their first degree outside of Canada, or even in Canada as we hope to have our Canadian institutions profiled at this event as well.


> I understand Vancouver has a sizeable international student population at the high school level, are there efforts being made to reach out to include students ?

NC Absolutely.  We have been working with the BC Council for International Education that is a local organization that has a specific focus on international students.  We have advertised at their annual conference this summer in Whistler and we are also currently on their website here.  The Vancouver International Universities Fair, 2016 will also be profiled at the BC School Counsellors conference in late October where the majority of high school counsellors from all across British Columbia will be in attendance.  

> What is OACAC's role in this event , why should it matter to our members around the world ? 

NC As with NACAC college fairs that have been operating successfully for years, and that rotate around the United States, the regional affiliate serves to support the event.  OACAC has promoted this event at their regional conference this past July, 2015 and has been working with me in promotion of the event.  If future NACAC international college fairs take place, OACAC members around the world would stand to benefit by having it in their city.   

> Will NACAC be expanding fairs to other countries, after Vancouver, Canada ? 

NC I believe that this inaugural international college fair could spearhead a college fair landscape that has an international twist.  Providing international fairs at different locations around the world would be a great service for our students.  Many of us have witnessed that at the forefront of education everywhere is discussion about “global education” and “international programs”—this would certainly support this movement in a positive way.  Students around the globe will benefit.  OACAC working in conjunction with NACAC will be a critical component to the support of these future events.  

> From an organizers perspective, what aspect of the fair excites you the most 8 months out ? Any aspect that is keeping you up at night ? 

NC The fact that this is the first NACAC international college fair outside the United States is really exciting.  I see great potential for future international college fairs throughout the world. I feel very privileged to be the Chair of this event and am proud of the team that I am working with as well.  I am honoured to have been approached by the folks at NACAC and OACAC  to chair this event in Vancouver, British Columbia.  In terms of what keeps me up at night, I guess nothing really as I am confident that this event will be well attended and a great service provided to students and families across British Columbia.  


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