Naviance Tuneup - Holiday Season Edition

By Tim Munnerlyn

American Community School – Abu Dhabi

Many of us are winding down the semester thinking of warm sunny beaches, shopping for those last minute presents or finalizing plans for friend and family get-togethers.  In the spirit of giving, Naviance is a gift which continues to give beyond the mangled wrapping paper and proud, fleeting New Year resolutions.

Here are a few Naviance tips to get you through the holiday season and into the New Year.

  1. Lockdown!  Final college lists should be completed by now.  Are you looking for an easy way to limit students from changing their final application list without your knowledge?  Naviance allows you to limit student access to adding and subtracting schools.  Under the “Connections” tab on the administrative page click on “Family Connection.”  Click on “Select and Update Option Feature.” Scroll down to the “Student Edit Permissions” area, then uncheck “Add Active Applications.”  

  1. Update your data.  Let’s face it, Naviance is only as good as the data you or your students input.  Build a system of making sure students are updating Naviance regularly.  Start early, train your students and save yourself the headache later at the end of the school year.

  1. Scholarships.  This tip takes a bit of time, but could be worth the effort. Start tracking merit scholarships awarded by schools.  You can add/modify/delete scholarships via the tab “Scholarships,” at the top of the main page of Naviance.  Once you create an award, you can apply it to students who earn merit based scholarships.  One suggestion: begin by  only tracking certain schools, which are popular within your student population.  Keeping track could encourage students to consider and apply to school which support your students financially.

  1. Knock off the cobwebs.  The winter months provide an ideal time to think about Juniors, the college process and how they will use Naviance during their research.  Perhaps you might want to use surveys (create your own or select one from the shared database), interest inventories like “Learning Styles,” or “Career Cluster Finder.”  Naviance provides an option for counselors to set up “tasks” for students to complete while being able to monitor progress globally through “My Planner.”  There are limitless possibilities.  

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