Dear Members, 

We hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and that you are hanging in there as best as possible this year! 2020 is coming to a close and it feels like we just met not that long ago for the Annual General Membership meeting at the virtual 2020 International ACAC Conference! Thank you to those who attended and to those as well who shared their ideas and perspectives at our Town Hall, the NACAC AGM, Listening Tour sessions, and DEIJ focus groups.  

As an International ACAC Executive Board, we have heard your concerns and have taken steps towards a more inclusive and transparent election process. For 2021, International ACAC will be electing a new President as well as four Delegates to the NACAC Assembly. As we as a community navigate these uncertain times as our members continue to support students and the communities they serve, it is essential that the International ACAC Executive Board have a full slate of Board members. The Executive Board’s work will ensure that we are moving forward as an organisation and having diverse voices and perspectives will be key. We hope that you will take advantage of these updated resources:

  • International ACAC Elections Process (dedicated website section) - This section of the website was developed in August 2020 to provide in-depth details on the elections process, in the spirit of transparency.  The elections section details data including how many applied for a position, how many slated, etc. 

  • GNC structure - Updated for the 2020 elections, the GNC has been restructured to eliminate many leadership positions and expand the member-at-large capacity, to ensure diverse representation of the membership.

  • Rubric - Shared in the elections process website section, members can view the rubric used by the GNC for the last two years.  The rubric reflects the questions asked in the executive board application.

  • Webinar on Member Engagement 

  • Required Application Materials to apply for the Executive Board can be found on the 2021 Elections page on the International ACAC Website

How do you know if you are ready to run for the International ACAC Executive Board? 

For both of us, that was a tough question to answer before we submitted our applications to be considered to run for the Executive Board. To be honest, we both felt a level of imposter syndrome not having seen many other women of color serving on the Board, so for us to take that first step of submitting our applications was well outside of our comfort zones. Serving on the International ACAC Executive Board as well as on International ACAC committees has not only provided us with an opportunity to give back to a community that means so much to us and to amplify our voices but to also grow as professionals. Having the encouragement from other International ACAC members is really what pushed us to consider this opportunity, so we hope that this article provides you with the encouragement that you need to realize that your voice needs to be heard, and if not you, then whom?  

Ruby Bhattacharya
Vice President for Admissions and Enrollment Practices 

Michelle Chow-Liu
Vice President for Membership 

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