Booking a visit made easy? review

By Robbie Jefferis
United World College South East Asia, Singapore

You can book an uber online, buy your groceries online, schedule your dentist appointment online….  So why not schedule your school visits online?   A new tool is attracting interest with busy college counselors and even busier admissions representatives, called   

Could this be the end of all the back and forth emails?  

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Association Annual Award Winners : In Their Words.

Last Spring the International ACAC membership placed their votes for three awards that honor leaders in our field. These include the Distinguished Service Award, the Rising Star Award, and the Peter Hauet Lifetime Achievement Award. This year the awards went to some inspiring individuals who have made big contributions to IACAC over the years.

Rhonda Leshman from the YK Pao School in Shanghai  was selected for the International ACAC Rising Star Award.  She said, "As a 23-year member of NACAC and the WACAC and International ACAC affiliates, I couldn’t be more surprised to receive the Rising Star Award since I often feel more like an old, falling star!  Working abroad in China for the past two years has been tremendously challenging and rewarding.  Being active in International ACAC and attending summer conferences has expanded my network as well as my knowledge of our profession.  Planning International ACAC’s first Regional Institute in Shanghai was a great privilege and the efforts of the association are still reverberating throughout the region.  I will continue to encourage college counsellors and educational professionals in China to become International ACAC members with the knowledge of the growth and rewards membership brings.    I am humbled and deeply honoured to receive this recognition."  Congratulations to Rhonda! 

This year’s Distinguished Service Award went to former president and long time member Jack Shull from the Taipei European School.My wife and I never 'dreamed' when we took our first overseas positions that we would make international education our careers. Now 34 years later living in six different countries (Norway, Belgium, Thailand, Egypt, China and Taiwan) and working in six different schools (American, international and British) it is time to move on to semi-retirement. One of the highlights of my overseas career, as a counselor and now for the last six years a university counselor, is my involvement with International ACAC. I attended the first conference at George Washington University and never imagined that the organization would be so much a part of my life and my career. People continually ask me how I know so many counselors and college representatives around the world. The answer is easy. Through my involvement with International ACAC, my time as president of OACAC, my involvement with NACAC  and on the International ACAC board. Also attending and presenting at the summer International ACAC conferences, attending and presenting at NACAC, attending and presenting at the Council of International Schools university forum and of course I have been doing this for more than a few years. If I have one piece of advice to those beginning their overseas careers in counseling and international admissions is 'get involved with International ACAC' and you will grow both personally and professionally." 

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Top 10 Tips: Advice for the Parents of the College-Bound Expatriate  

By Barbara C. Chen
College Admissions Professional, Beijing 

As the annual ritual of parents sending their children off to college nears, articles highlighting debates such as buying versus renting a mini fridge abound. Indeed, these editorials have merit, but they overlook a growing population of students arriving on U.S. college campuses each year: the American expatriate. If the number of Americans living overseas were placed in one state, it would be the 13th most populous state in the U.S. Adjusting for growth since the last census, at roughly 8 million citizens abroad, they comprise a demographic that remains largely invisible. To add to that perspective, that figure excludes those who reside abroad related to U.S. government and military work.  Different from their fellow citizens who live and attend high school in the US, and different still from international students, the American who grew up overseas but returns “home”
for college has an entirely different college move- in check list. 



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International ACAC Conference by the Numbers

While International ACAC Events can never be just about the numbers…

Here it is just about the numbers. 

#IntlACAC16 Conference Rutgers

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Counselor View: The Value of International Counselor Fly-in

By Kelly Braun
Int'l School of Sacred Heart, Tokyo 

The contents of my suitcase are strewn across my bedroom floor, new college swag separated from laundry, toiletries that exploded twice waiting to be cleaned for the third time, and just enough room to maneuver around the bed to sleep and then make it to work in the morning. I've just returned from a week long international counselor fly-in and unfortunately there is just not time between returning home and school on Monday to deal with things like suitcases when you have a week of emails, lesson plans, and looming AP exams to prepare for.

Would I trade my week away for a clean room and empty inbox? Never.

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Explore the Globes Contest

  Berta Laio, Hsinchu International School
  Kristina Dooley, Estrela Consulting
  Kristin Crosby, Washington & Jefferson College

Correct decoded word: GREEN

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Top Ten Things to Know About New Brunswick & New Jersey

By Jennifer Hollis
Admissions Counselor, Rutgers University

1) Location, Location, Location! – At the center of the Boston-to-Washington, D.C. metropolitan corridor, New Jersey is at the hub of business, industry, and culture in a region that is unsurpassed in the world. New Brunswick is in a prime location within the state with three international airports nearby and quick travel by mass transit or car to New York City or Philadelphia. New Jersey is home to the headquarters of 19 Fortune 500 companies, four of which are also Global 500 companies as well as more than 1,100 multinational firms representing 40 nations.

2) The Science State – New Jersey employs more science professionals than any state in the U.S. and is home to more scientists and engineers per square mile than anywhere else in the world. Fifteen of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies have their headquarters here as well.

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By Joan Liu
University Advisor, United World College of South East Asia

International ACAC actively promotes access to higher education for high-achieving, low-income students around the world by supporting those who work directly with them. Through the International ACAC Scholar Program, high-impact but under-resourced counselors and leaders are given an opportunity to gain much-needed professional development to support these talented students.   

Scholarship recipients are funded to attend the International College Counseling 101 Institute, the annual conference, as well as a bus tour. Scholars are then paired with a mentor for a year beyond the conference. This four-part program allows Scholars to bring new knowledge, best practices, and a larger network to their students, communities, and regions. 

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Top Five Things To Do in Vancouver While in Town for The Fair

NACAC’s first International Universities Fair is being held in Vancouver May 7 and the city is ready to welcome visitors from institutions all over the world. The fair, Saturday May 7 from 1:00 - 4:00PM has over a 150 universities from a dozen different countries converging on Vancouver Convention Center to promote higher education options to the region's secondary school students.  Recognizing that many university representatives will only have a few spare hours before or after the fair, International ACAC has received special advice from a local Vancouverite to come up with the ever helpful Top Five Things.


1. Take a Water Taxi Ride to See the City

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College Summer Programs List 2016 

Search below to see a list of member institutions summer program offerings for high school students !

More and more colleges and universities are offering short term on-campus programs that offer a taste of what life would be like at that institution.  Many offer a mixture of academic and social content, courses taught by tenured professors, and some even provide credit.  All provide a fantastic way to discover college life and an enriching summer experience. 

Selecting a summer program can be as challenging as choosing which college to apply for – thankfully its hard to make a bad choice.  Here are some factors to consider while working with your students and their parents:

-       Dream College : This may be the first chance for your student to experience the college they already have at the top of their list.  However, as a grade 10 or 11 student, there is still time to explore.  If a student’s heart has always been set on College X , and will apply there no matter what - - then perhaps a summer program at College Y is the perfect opportunity to discover the next best thing. 

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Top Benefits of NACAC Membership

This year marks my 10th year counseling here in Seoul.  For the past several years I have been both a NACAC and International ACAC member. 

Why International ACAC ? Our President Joe put it best.  “We are a family.”  We are a select group of international educators who have a distinct passion and appreciation for those serving and living overseas.  It is part of our identity, and it is what makes our association not only unique, but as Tina Turner would say it…“simply the best.”  

But why NACAC ? However, many often wonder why I’m still a member of NACAC and attend their conference every year.  Even last fall, when I attended the San Diego conference, “You attend NACAC as well?” was a question I heard more often than not.  So, to my fellow International ACAC members, after another year of membership and attending another mind-blowing NACAC, I have been reaffirmed of my commitment to both the National AND the International Association for College Admissions Counseling.  Here’s why...   


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Workplace Survey 2015 - Results 

In the summer of 2015 International ACAC conducted a Workplace Survey of its members to get a better understanding of their workplace experience. 30% of AAPS member institutions responded to this survey and the Communications Committee has reviewed the results over the past several months. The survey had a set of questions for both university admission and secondary school counselling offices. While there was also a short set of questions for educational consultants, it is acknowledged that future editions of the survey will need to have an expanded question set for this member group.

The responses will be presented in a series of articles available exclusively to International ACAC members on this website over the next few months.  The data is intended to support our members strategic initiatives, and we hope that it may provide helpful context as they review their own workplace environments

The International ACAC Board wishes to thank the members for their time in completing this survey.

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Behind The Scenes of The International Universities Fair Vancouver

By Beth Cleary
    NACAC, International Initiatives Coordinator

The National Association for College Admission Counseling and International ACAC are co-hosting the first International Universities Fair in Vancouver on May 7, 2016.

Chaired by Nancy Cromarty, director of university and career counseling at West Point Grey Academy in Vancouver, the fair preparations are off to a great start. “Interest and excitement about this first time event has already begun among parents, students and counselors here in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver,” says Cromarty.

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Giving & Receiving - Top Gifts from the Global Road

By Samantha Deleon
The University of Illinois at Chicago

Survey Says!! : What's the BEST gift you received from a university representative or high school counselor ?  Whats the best memento you have ever shared with a friend or family member after a trip ? 

Thinking about giving and receiving at this time of year we thought we'd look at some of the best gifts the university reps have received from counselors, and some of the ways university reps are giving back upon their return home...

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OACAC Conference By The Numbers


While OACAC Events can never be just about the numbers… here it is just about the numbers 

#OACAC2015 Conference Oregon


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Intro to NACAC's Vancouver International Universities Fair

An interview with Nancy L. Cromarty 

Colleges: mark your calendars for next May - NACAC is going International

Next spring the NACAC will host the first stand alone College Fair outside the United States.  The Vancouver International Universities Fair is scheduled for Saturday, May 7, 2016.

Whenever NACAC runs a National College Fair in the United States, the regional affiliate serves as a local organizing committee, and supports NACAC in the promotion and planning of the event.  Since Vanoucver, Canada is 'international' Overseas ACAC has the privilege of supporting this event. Recently, talked with Nancy Cromarty, Chair of the Organizing Committee and Director of University & Career Counseling at West Point Grey Academy in Vancouver, about this exciting new initiative and what participants can expect. 

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Members Submitted : Top Packing Tips

By Samantha Deleon
    The University of Illinois at Chicago

You’ve scheduled your visits, registered for fairs, confirmed your bookings for hotels and flights, and now it’stime to actually pack.

How do you pack for a 10-day trip to India or a 7-week trip around the world? It will be autumn in Japan, sticky in Singapore, dusty in Dubai, and raining in Europe.  I polled the OACAC Group on Facebook and the top things to include while packing include:

  1. Reliable Luggage (I just purchased my first lifetime warranty luggage with advice from some of my seasoned recruiter colleagues. Does Briggs & Riley sound familiar?)
  2. International Data Plan (Check to see that your phone is actually covered in the countries you visit. I came back to find out that 7 minutes using data to message a driver in Brunei can cost $300.)
  3. External Battery Charger
  4. Business Cards
  5. Visa
  6. Noise Cancelling Headphones
  7. Versatile Outfits and Comfortable Shoes (This can basically be a whole blog for me, but I’ll let the Capsule Wardrobe speak for itself below.)
  8. Cash (I use clear snack bags to separate my currencies.)
  9. Convertor/Travel Adapter
  10. Table Cover

Thanks for your participation, and I do have some other helpful tips:

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Are you going to OACAC?

By Kelly Braun
Int'l School of Sacred Heart, Tokyo 

That’s a wrap! With some of us nearing or finishing our academic year, we head back to our home countries, take our valued holidays, reflect on the last year, and most importantly...attend this year’s OACAC conference. OACAC is a highlight of my year, it’s a great way to finish up the last academic year and kick off a new one. I always take away incredible ideas from the presenters, inevitably meet someone new every time I turn around, and see people I consider good friends who live at least 3,000 miles away. The question at this time of year amongst our kind is not “what are you doing this summer?” but instead “are you going to OACAC?”. People are bummed if you can’t go this year, but the promise of attendance in future years makes everyone feel a bit better.

This year I am especially excited, as a born and bred Pacific Northwesterner, I am thrilled I won’t have to travel to the other coast, instead we will be enjoying what my beautiful home state of Oregon has to offer. It’s the land of trees that are hundreds of years old, local microbrews, fantastic wine, Ducks vs. Beavers, delicious Voodoo doughnuts, and boutique coffee shops on just about every corner. This year’s conference will no doubt be another great one, Eugene here we come! #OACAC2015 

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Exactly What to Expect in Eugene*

By Beau C. Benson
Senior Assistant Director, New York University

10. Spread out over 295 acres in the beautiful Willamette Valley between the Pacific Coast and the Cascade Mountains, the University of Oregon’s campus will offer plenty of opportunities to break out your walking/jogging/running shoes. Try to see as much as possible -- but remember, see as much as possible while sporting your Nikes, which were founded by University of Oregon track athlete Philip Knight and his coach Bill Bowerman in January 1964

9. Not a fan of running? Well, we’ve got you covered. Bicycling magazine called Eugene one of the ten most bicycle-friendly cities in the nation.

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OACAC Scholars 2015

By Joan Liu
University Advisor, United World College of South East Asia

OACAC actively promotes access to higher education opportunities for the neediest students around the world by supporting those who work directly with them. Through the OACAC Scholarship Program, we fund and support high-impact counselors working to help academically bright, but under-resourced international students gain access to higher education.  

Thank you for helping us identify talented counselors around the world. This year, we received 73 nominations from you. We then reached out to these nominees to encourage them to apply for the OACAC Scholarship. In total, we received 61 applications from 49 countries. 

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