2022 Executive Board Application

1. Vice President for Membership
2. Delegate to the NACAC Assembly 

Candidates are being sought for an interim appointment through July 15, 2023. 
Applications for these positions are due Friday, June 10, 2022. 
Appointment will be announced by June 15, 2022. 

Learn about this Vice President position and the work of the Membership Committee. 
Learn about the Delegate to the NACAC Assembly Position.


A complete application includes the following information:

An application will only be considered complete when all information listed above is received.
The deadline is June 10, 2022 for all required documentation to be submitted.

*Note: There are numerous questions in this application; you can log out and return to the form if needed, but only before submitting. You can also copy in text to respond to questions within text areas. Be sure to select 'continue submission' when returning to complete the application.

Appointment Consideration

As a membership organization, International ACAC is governed by an Executive Board, elected directly from its membership. The board is comprised of a three-person presidential team (President, Past-President, and President-Elect), eight vice president positions, and multiple delegate positions. The Board is guided by a set of Bylaws and established Policies and Procedures.

International ACAC's Bylaws guide this process.

Article VII. The Executive Board and Officers
Section 11:  The balance of an unexpired term of office of any officer of International ACAC, other than the President, President-Elect, or Past-President shall be filled from the persons eligible under Section 3 of this Article. The unexpired term of office shall be filled by appointment by the President, subject to the approval of the Executive Board.

Many criteria are considered including International ACAC board service, volunteer experience, committee service, institutional support, leadership, reliability, event planning/organization experience, and service on other volunteer boards when considering an application. Every effort is made to provide a geographic and institutional balance which roughly parallels the geographic and institutional diversity of International ACAC’s membership.

International ACAC is committed to maintaining diversity on its Executive Board.

Should financing travel to Executive Board meetings become a barrier to service, on an as-needed basis  International ACAC will supplement the contribution. However, this only occurs when the Executive Board member's institution, organization, or company clearly demonstrates that it does not have the financial resources to contribute towards the cost of attendance. Please contact the Executive Director, Theresa Schweser , with further questions.