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#FamilyStyle Gathering Grants & Photo Challenge


As we all come together to celebrate community and camaraderie, the theme of the 2023 Conference is #FamilyStyle. We are embracing this theme with two new programs for the 2023 Conference: FamilyStyle Gathering Grants and the FamilyStyle Photo Challenge. Read more about each below.


#FamilyStyle Gathering Grants

International ACAC is proud to offer FamilyStyle Grants for the purpose of gathering in community with one another leading up to the conference. The grants will be offered up to $250 USD for up to 12 members. Selection of these members will be determined based on the plan for the gathering and the region of the gathering, with a focus on spreading the grants over multiple regions. Some ideas for FamilyStyle Gatherings could include (but are not limited to):
  • Coffee - invite all local members to a coffee shop and pay for their drinks.
  • Picnic - supply the food and drink and invite all local members to join you in a park.
  • Party - use the grant to purchase party supplies and food, and invite all local members to join you in a free venue to celebrate community.
We look forward to seeing your creative ideas for bringing people together!

#FamilyStyle Photo Challenge

In an effort to highlight community, we encourage members to submit their #FamilyStyle photos! This can be any group of members gathered together, for any reason. Maybe you get to share a meal while someone is on a tour in your city. Maybe your admissions department gets together for a party and gathers for a selfie. No matter what the reason you are together, we think it is worth celebrating and sharing!
FamilyStyle Photo Collage
To submit your photos:
  • Post on the Facebook group and hashtag #FamilyStyle
  • Tag us on Instagram (@IntlACAC) and hashtag #FamilyStyle
  • Email your photos to [email protected]
  • Post in the WeChat channel and hashtag #FamilyStyle